Private Mentoring & Poetry Consultations

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For many years now, I’ve offered private mentoring and consultations to poets at all stages of their development. But, it’s only in the past few months that I’ve begun to advertise these services more publicly. If you’re interested in sending out work your work to journals, in drafting new poems, or in preparing a book-length manuscript for submission, I can help.

Here are the kinds of services I offer:

  • For the beginning poet: a six-week course focusing on the topics of image, metaphor, sound effects, voice, and form. This course includes six Skype sessions, the study of published poems, and generative writing exercises that address specific elements of craft.
  • For the intermediate poet: hourly Skype sessions that focus on drafting and revision strategies. Generally, it is possible to cover two to three poems in an hour. Sessions may also include discussions of how to submit work to literary journals and other questions about the writing life.
  • For the advanced poet: chapbook and book-length manuscript consultations. The consultation package includes two Skype sessions, intensive analysis of the manuscript’s overall structure, line-editing of individual poems, and discussion of presses that might be receptive to the manuscript’s subject matter and aesthetic.

So, if you want more information about pricing and mentoring packages, please do feel free to contact me here.