The Manifesto Project

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Another anthology that I’ve been delinquent in mentioning is The Manifesto Project, edited by Rebecca Hazelton and Alan Michael Parker. Here’s a description of this terrific book:

The poetic manifesto has a long, rich history that hasn’t been updated until now. What does a poetic manifesto look like in a time of increased pluralism, relativism, and danger? How can a manifesto open a space for new and diverse voices? Forty-five poets at different stages of their careers contribute to this new anthology, demonstrating the relevance of the declarative form at the intersection of aesthetics and politics. The contributors also have chosen their own poems to accompany their manifestos-an anthologizing act that poets are never permitted. Invaluable for writers at any stage in their careers, this anthology may be especially useful for teachers of creative writing, both undergraduate and graduate.

While my contribution to The Manifesto Project is very lighthearted (a piece titled “Manifesto of the Radically Uncool”), there are many manifestos in the anthology that are very serious and weighty. This book is not only a fascinating read but would also make an excellent teaching text in a creative writing workshop, where students are frequently trying determine their own poetics, attempting define what they believe matters in their own poems.