Exhibitions: Essays on Art & Atrocity

University of New Mexico Press | forthcoming Fall 2023

Combining flash, lyric essay, and autotheory, Exhibitions: Essays on Art & Atrocity explores Jehanne Dubrow’s nomadic upbringing as the daughter of two American diplomats. Born in Italy, Jehanne grew up in Yugoslavia, Zaire, Poland, Belgium, Austria, and the United States, in houses that were filled with art collected during our posts overseas. Throughout Exhibitions, she thinks as a curator might, placing shards of memory alongside fully restored narratives. She examines the art object, how it transmits cultural memory but also may become a site of appropriation and trauma itself. Generational trauma, the intersection of personal and national histories, the complexities of life in the Foreign Service—these are some of the subjects considered in Exhibitions, a book that shows how the artful objects in our lives can become occasions for self-reflection.