Red Army Red

Northwestern University Press | 2012

Jehanne Dubrow’s Red Army Red takes a remembered childhood behind the Iron Curtain and transforms its shadows and deprivations into the saturated colors of poetry. This book is not only bright with verbal wit, cultural observation, and fresh imagery, but interconnected sounds: an artfully wrapped package which opens with “the crisp whisper / of tissue paper.”

—Mary Jo Salter, author of Phone Call to the Future: New and Selected Poems

That we experience large-scale, structural traumas as small-scale, personal ones is among the profundities on which Jehanne Dubrow’s Red Army Red is built. But for Dubrow this is not mere paradox to be dispassionately noted; it is cor-respond-ence, that in experience which charges us with respons-ibility. In Red Army Red, Dubrow offers her reader a poetry of correspondences and of responsibilities.

—H. L. Hix, author of Rain Inscription

Jehanne Dubrow’s Red Army Red delivers a nuanced view of a particular historical moment and context that has mostly been available in poetry only through European perspectives, poets in translation. Dubrow’s perspective is unique in its ability to bring the American sensibility to bear on the experience of cold war Europe.

—Leslie Adrienne Miller, author of  The Resurrection Trade