Hello, Summer

| Miscellaneous Poetry Stuff

The semester has ended, and I’m thinking about the long summer ahead. I have many projects planned: more poems to write for Wild Kingdom, a book review of Michael Shewmaker’s Penumbra, and a collaborative project with my dear friend James Allen Hall (more about that to come).

Often I find that I’m most productive when my schedule is too full, because then I’m forced to use my time very carefully. But, now I’m looking forward to discovery the kind of productivity when one’s has long periods of uninterrupted reading, thinking, and writing.

Coffee and breakfast. A walk around the block with Lola the Bedlington Terrier. Some research. Some drafting. Lunch. Another little walk with Lola. More drafting. Perhaps a tiny nap. Or maybe coffee with a friend. Some revising. Dinner. A television break. More drafting. And a few minutes of reading in bed. Sleep.

Doesn’t sound that wonderful?

What gratitude I feel for the gift of this summer and the good work that I know it will bring me.