Great News About Frivolity!

| Frivolity

Writing Taste: A Book of Small Parts was one of the best moments of my writing life. The book was published Columbia University Press in August 2022 as part of the No Limits series, which “brings together creative thinkers who delight in the pleasure of intellectual hunting, wherever the hunt may take them and whatever critical boundaries they have to trample as they go.”

So, I’m thrilled to now have another book under contract with Columbia University Press. I will spend the next year writing Frivolity: A Defense, which will also be published as part of No Limits. The book will champion frivolity, particularly in times of darkness and political upheaval, and particularly for those who are often silenced, including women and queer folk. Structured as a numbered, book-length essay,¬†Frivolity¬†will be interdisciplinary, examining frivolous things and pursuits, including listicles, selfies, it girls, shopping, fashion, perfume, fluffy desserts (and dogs!), small talk, rom-coms, and light verse. The book will contend that some frivolous things are perhaps less trivial than we might imagine and that even the utterly shallow parts of our lives may offer beneficial, necessary diversions.