New Essay at East Fork Pottery!

| Exhibition

Working on my latest collections of essays, Exhibitions, I realized that I wanted to write a piece that would be accessible, suitable to read at literary events, but also representative of the book’s concern with the decorative and fine arts. With these ideas in mind, I began to write an essay about a cherished object from my daily life: the ceramic mug that I use for drinking hot beverages, which is made by East Fork Pottery, a small business located in Asheville, North Carolina.

The essay I eventually wrote, “The Familiar Matters of Everyday Life,” mixes together personal experience, text that comes from a lecture by William Morris, current events, and an interview with Connie Matisse, one of the co-founders of East Fork. I loved the process of writing this piece, of calling attention to a simple, beautiful object. You can read the essay here, on the website of East Fork Pottery. And if you like East Fork’s work as much as I do, please, consider supporting this wonderful company.