New Interview at the Military Spouse Fine Artists Network!

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A few months ago, I came across some wonderful online interviews with military spouse writers like Siobhan Fallon and Lisa Stice at the Military Spouse Fine Artists Network (a.k.a. MilspoFAN). I reached out to Jessica Goodin, a modern dancer, choreographer, and Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist who is also a military spouse and the founder of MilspoFAN; she has all sorts of exciting ideas for what MilspoFAN can accomplish, the kind of support, mentoring, and networking that it can offer, the ways that can support collaboration between artists. I was extremely impressed with Jessica’s energy, not to mention her ability to build such a cool resource for military spouse artists and aspiring artists. So, I’m thrilled to now have an interview up at MilspoFAN. Jessica asked wonderful questions, not just about being a poet but also about what it’s like to maintain a work-life balance in a military marriage. You can read the whole interview here.