New Lyric Essay in Image!

| Exhibition

Although I am not a religious (or even spiritual) person, I’ve always loved the journal, Image, whose mission is to “engage with the religious traditions¬†of western culture.” So, I was ecstatic when the recently appointed nonfiction editor, Lauren F. Winner, accepted one of my new essays for publication. “The Dead Class” is a braided piece, bringing together an examination of the the art and theater of Tadeusz Kantor, the long history of Jews in Poland, and my own experience of antisemitism, growing up in Poland during the Communist era. This essay includes a lot of research–there’s a significant body of scholarship associated with Kantor’s impact as a playwright and director. The mingling of research and memoir is one of my particular interests in creative nonfiction, and I’m excited to continue experimenting with the use of research within the lyric essay. You can read the piece here.