New Poem in Gulf Coast!

| Wild Kingdom

I’ve always loved Gulf Coast, which is published by the creative writing program at the University of Houston. For years, it was one of my “goal” publications, a journal I dreamed of being in. After all, Gulf Coast is not only a beautifully produced journal, but it also has a tremendous track record for publishing really excellent writing, across genres. And when Gulf Coast finally took one of my poems (a piece that later appeared in my first book, The Hardship Post), it felt like I had achieved something that really mattered to me.

So, I’m extremely happy to have a new poem in the current issue. “Early Mornings in Anger and Thaw” comes from my manuscript, Wild Kingdom, and can be safely labeled a “walking poem” (one of my favorites genres of poem). I was very surprised when Gulf Coast accepted this piece for publication, because the poem is quite long–the speaker takes a very meandering, cold walk–and the text doesn’t resolve itself very easily. To learn more about Gulf Coast, you can visit the site here.