New Poem in New Limestone Review!

| Wild Kingdom

When I moved to Texas, I fell in love with the strange, shimmering birds that I saw in every parking lot, their funny, crooked bodies hopping between the cars, how they bent to snag pieces of trash, bits of food dropped by passersby, their croaking, creaky voices. I was completely enchanted with what I understood to be their resilience and resourcefulness. Grackles, I learned these birds were called.

And so the first poem I wrote in Denton was “Song for a Grackle in the Kroger Parking Lot,” a praise song for a creature that made me believe again in my own ability to survive, to find something beautiful even in the dusty, ragged moments of my life. And, now, I’m thrilled to have the poem appear in the latest issue of New Limestone Review. You can read the poem here. Sing away, little grackle of my heart!