New Poems in Shenandoah!

| Wild Kingdom

I’ve always loved Shenandoah. When I first began writing poetry and dreaming about seeing my work in print, Shenandoah was one of my “aspirational” journals. I submitted poems to Shenandoah for many years before one was finally taken (“Bargaining with the Wolf,” which appears in my debut collection, The Hardship Post). So, when I submitted poems to the journal, I was thrilled that Shenandoah‘s long-time editor, R.T. Smith (who very recently retired after many years at the helm of the magazine), accepted two for publication. “Ira Furor Brevis Est” and “Anguish” are both part of my manuscript-in-progress, Wild Kingdom. You can read them here, in the latest issue of Shenandoah.