New Review of Dots & Dashes!

| Dots & Dashes

A few years ago, when The Arranged Marriage was published, a beautiful review of the book appeared in New Pages (one of my favorite resources on the internet). It was written by a poet named Kimberly Ann Priest and made all of the kinds of astute observations that I hoped a reader would make about the book. I knew I had found an ideal reader and was simply grateful that someone should so get my work.

So, imagine my pleasure and surprise when I learned that this same reviewer had now written about Dots & Dashes! The review, which appears again in New Pages, says so many insightful things about the book, including this:  “Dubrow is the bridge between a divided American self, on the one hand proud of its military conquests and on the other ashamed. She bridges this gap, not by taking a side or hefting an argument, but by focusing on the universal—such as our need for companionship, the experience of grief, how easily we are thrilled by a call to arms.”  

But, perhaps, my favorite part of the review is this: 

“Every time I read Jehanne Dubrow’s work, I write a good poem. In fact, after reading and reviewing her book The Arranged Marriage over a year ago, I wrote a whole chapbook, published the following year. Perhaps she is something of a muse to me. Perhaps this is why, after spending nearly two years in Denton, Texas, and nearly also working as an adjunct instructor at the University of North Texas where she serves as an associate professor, I did not try to meet her even though I was encouraged to. Maybe our muses are best left alone, enigmas granted asylum from gaze and inquiry.”

Isn’t that marvelous?! Kimberly, if you read this, I would love to meet you! Seriously, I’ve never read something so touching about my work (insert heart emojis here). In any case, you can read Kimberly Ann Priest’s whole review here