Poem Up at Verse Daily!

| Dots & Dashes

Today, a friend emailed me to tell me that one of my poems is up at Verse Daily. What a nice surprise! “Runaway Military Surveillance Blimp Drifts from Maryland to Pennsylvania” comes from the middle section of Dots & Dashes and takes its title from a New York Times article dated October 28, 2015.

I remember being fascinated with this particular news story, because the surveillance blimp was moored at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, which is across the Chesapeake Bay, not far from where I used to live in Maryland. The blimp’s shape amused me; it looked like something out of a Disney movie, comical, endearingly chubby. And I recall feeling disturbing by the tension between the blimp’s sweet appearance and its vaguely menacing purpose.

From that unease, came the poem. It’s one of the stranger poems in Dots & Dashes (and I’m not sure that it is representative of the book as a whole). So, I was startled to see it make an appearance on Verse Daily. Decide for yourself whether this poem is as odd as I believe it to be, by reading it here.