Poetry by the Sea

| Poetry Event

From May 23 through May 26, it will be my great honor to serve as the first Poet-in-Residence at Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference. Two years ago, I attended Poetry by the Sea, and it was a wonderful experience: four days of interesting panels, readings, and discussions, with a particular focus on diversity, inclusivity, and decolonization in contemporary formal poetics.

The founder and director of Poetry by the Sea, Kim Bridgford, is a force to be a reckoned with and has been a role model for me, ever since I first met her in my final year of my PhD program. In addition to Poetry by the Sea, Kim is also the founder of the journal Mezzo Cammin, an online journal of formalist poetry by women, and The Women’s Timeline Project.

Every year, Poetry by the Sea becomes even more impressive, with an even more exciting line-up of faculty, guest readers, and an always-wonderful keynote speaker (this time, it’s Kevin Young!). Along with cherished friends Moira Egan and Lindsay Lusby, I’ll be giving a reading and will also participate in a panel, “Sound & Scents,” which will explore how we can use the sense of smell in our poems. You can see the whole schedule for the conference, by following this link.