Review of Dots & Dashes in The Rumpus!

| Book Review, Dots & Dashes

I’m thrilled and grateful that a new review of Dots & Dashes is now up at The Rumpus. Here’s the final paragraph of Heidi Czerwiec’s extremely attentive, nuanced, and thoughtful review:

Before I go crawl back in bed with my snorer, grateful for his body beside me, his scent I can smell skin-to-skin, I need to say, very plainly: this book matters. Dots & Dashes and its thematic predecessor Stateside, are important collections, engaging honestly and thoughtfully with the lives of “dependents”—those who hang on, are left hanging, during deployments—and who usually get represented only as stoic, patriotic, self-sacrificing cardboard cutouts. This book is necessary, even crucial: As the little brunt Toddler-in-Chief threatens war or gaffes his way into it, Dubrow deploys the classics of literature as she frames our contemporary moment.

You can read the whole review here. By the way, like me, Heidi Czerwiec is also a great lover of perfume, which means that her work is always rich with sensory detail. If you want to learn more about her poetry and prose, you can visit her website here.