Review of Dots & Dashes in The Summerset Review!

| Book Review, Dots & Dashes

It’s always exciting to see former students publishing, finding their ways beyond the classroom, into the larger literary community. Recently, I was honored to learn that one of my former students, a young writer named Cat Righter, wrote a review of Dots & Dashes for The Summerset Review. Here’s how the piece opens:

To communicate in Morse Code is to commit one’s self to a binary. The opposing forces—dot and dash—are fascinatingly versatile in what they can communicate, and brutally so in what they must leave out. Jehanne Dubrow’s Dots & Dashes presents the reader with many binaries: husband and wife, land and sea, sailor and civilian, poetry and technical terminology. Tension builds in the places where these forces attempt to interact.

Isn’t that lovely? You can read the whole review here.