Review of Dots & Dashes in The Washington Independent Review of Books!

| Book Review, Dots & Dashes

Grace Cavalieri is one of the kindest and most generous people working in American poetry today; a poet herself, she’s also dedicated to writing reviews of new books for The Washington Independent Review of Books and to interviewing poets for her long-running podcast series, “The Poet & the Poem,” which is housed at the Library of Congress. I am so very grateful for her review of Dots & Dashes. Here are the opening sentences of the review:

It easier to leave then to be left, but how does a military wife transform that emotional experience into art that will last? Dubrow approaches her marriage of values with the most substantive work on the theme written today. Loss is ubiquitous, loneliness universal, so to magnify these traits is dangerous — too much unleashing is hard on the consumption — but the poem is a perfect vehicle to hold tumult, a mechanism of service for this narrative.

You can read the whole review here. Oh, and you can listen to “The Poet & the Poem” interview that Grace did with me, by going here.