Stateside Is an Opera!

| Poetry Event, Stateside

So, my third book, Stateside, is now a one-act opera composed by Rachel Whelan! The piece will premiere this Sunday, April 24 at 5 pm CST on YouTube (the pandemic interfered with the possibility of a live performance).

It’s hard for me to express how touched I am that this book has been transformed into a piece of music Rachel is a PhD candidate at UNT, and the opera of Stateside served as her dissertation. When Rachel first approached me about the idea, four years ago, it sounded like a beautiful, lovely dream. How quickly time passes! The music is wonderful: eerie, often unnerving. You can learn more about Rachel by visiting her website.

If you’re interested in attending the premiere on Sunday (or in hearing the piece, after the opera has aired), you can listen here. And if you want to read the book that started it all, you can buy a copy here.